Premiere | Kendrick Lamar: ‘i (love myself)

THE new single from Kendrick Lamar is finally here! After simply tweeting the artwork and the single letter without further comment last week, retweets came flooding in as everyone guessed what it meant. ‘i (love myself)‘ is rumoured to appear on Kendrick’s next album which you can expect in the next few months. Regardless of the fact that many people have already listened to it, it would be beyond rude not to feature it on here, you know.

I should say it’s quite a new and different sound from K-Dot for many people who would have only started to listen to his music during the release of his second studio album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. A fair point though is, that’s when he really started to pop off and get global attention. Any-who, if you haven’t already checked it out, listen to the funky, Rakhi produced new single from K-Dot below:

What do you think? Too early for the ‘King of rap’ crown or not?