Featured | ‘EYEDENTITY’ The EP

Eyedentity‘  is the debut EP from Coventry based singer, rapper & songwriter, Eyeden who is truly bringing something unique to the Coventry urban music scene. From the echoes that run through ‘The Jungle 1.0‘ to the ambient transitions Eyeden experiments with on ‘Money Memories,’ this 6 track project is a revitalizing source of progression and Eyeden has showed enough substantiation of this throughout his debut EP.

The use of word play in the EP title demonstrates a new found confidence and internal stability within the young artist from Coventry. Within the 12 months of the artist pursuing music, he has gained a huge following on both various social media channels, due to his unconventionally innovative and creative sound. Eyedentity is just a taster of what is yet to come from the up and coming artistry being demonstrated by Eyeden.