Pop Culture: Banter In A Desensitised Generation

THE media have become more explicit with the content that they present to their audiences, so it is no surprise that we’ve become less shocked and embarrassed about nudity and explicit content that is shown to us. Not only are we indifferent to these types of images on television but we also appear to have become indifferent to visuals like these in real life.

This was brought to my attention when I was watching the Channel 4 programme ‘The Secret Life of Students’ which showed what University life was like for three first year students. The show featured a lot of alcohol consumption, which is no surprise, casual sex and how university life can differ depending on the person.

The Secret Life of Students: a Channel 4 documentary or an episode of Jeremy Kyle?

The thing that shocked me was not the student who inserted vodka into his rectum with a tampon applicator to impress his flatmates but the same student’s reaction when he found out that he had chlamydia later on in the programme. Though he responsibly informed the girl that he had slept with about his STI, to my bemusement he messaged his mates with “Chlamydia, banter.”

So this generation consider it ‘banter’ for someone to catch an STI and unprotected sex appears to be turning into the norm. Protection is not just to prevent early age pregnancy. If people are going to have casual intercourse then they should do so responsibly. Of course there are responsible people and not everyone in our generation is a lost cause.

Our parents and grandparents go on about how our generation is doomed and to an extent I completely agree. Ironically, we are already complaining about the next generation and its antics but what do we expect when they have us as their role models?