Featured | Common: ‘Speak My Piece’

While Common unfortunately falls into the ‘underated’ category in today’s Hip hop and R&B scene, what most people fail to notice is that this is the same guy that actually silenced Ice Cube 18 years ago. This was after Ice Cube had made a diss record directed at Common over his song I Used To Love H.E.R. Back at the start of 2012, Common also went back and forth with Drake and according to some corners of the Internet, this was all about Serena Williams, who used to date Common before getting all buddy-buddy with Drizzy. Anyway, the point of this little piece of history is to show that Common is just that guy.

Despite the fact that he’s been away from the limelight since 2012, Common will be releasing his new album ‘Nobody’s Smiling‘ on July 22 and ‘Speaky My Piece’ is one of the first singles off the project. Produced by long-time collaborator No I.D, the track samples part of Notorious B.I.G’s hit single Hypnotize to give it that authentic East Coast sound. Common is not the everyday rapper you’d listen to, but is simply a necessity on your chilled, late night playlist.

Memorable Line: ”You know I guzzle red wine till it’s bed time; On my paper like headlines, she want the head shine e’ry time.”