New Music | WIZE: The Road Trip EP


Blog LogoAFTER giving us a few tasters of what was to come from his EP  including ‘California Cheese Steak‘ and ‘Summer 98,’ North London rapper and producer WIZE has finally released the long awaited 8-track project in its full entirety. Titled ‘The Road Trip,’ the project sees Wize, who has been rapping and producing for the past 6 years, impressively demonstrate his lyrical and production skills while also staying relevant to his listener-ship.

WIZEFrom the grimy vocals on ‘No Sugar,’ and ‘Rick James’ to dreamy jazzy sounds that accompany ‘California Cheese Steak’ and the relaxed ambiance that summarizes the debut EP, this is an offering from Wize you simply should not frown upon. Talking to GRMDaily, Wize shared his future plans which include ‘working on a collaborative album with his group BLVKBLVD consisting of himself, Remus, Gearrz and Dusty,’ who are all young and hugely talented performers. He also plans on releasing another EP which, already is something to eagerly look forward to. 

The Road Trip‘ is now available to stream/download here. Share and enjoy!