Featured | WIZE: California Cheese Steak

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A slice of perma-chill that seems to distort time…The 405

WIZE, hailing from London, is a 20 year old rapper & producer who also forms part of the Antiwave Music Group. As a producer, Wize has worked with a range of elites from the UK rap scene including Krept & Konan, Ratlin, Political Peak, Johnny Gunz, Pound Sterling and Cyko Logic among many others.

After the release of his Summer 2013 EP titled ‘The Guide To Summer 13,’ Wize has enjoyed a substantial amount of exposure from being featured on media platforms like SBTV and one of the UK’s most prominent urban radio stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra. His music style wallows in experimentation, particularly rap, grime and various other genres like Jazz and Chill-wave which is quite a refreshing observation; Wize is definitely bringing new light to the UK music scene.


‘California Cheese Steak,’ will be part of his new project entitled ‘The Road Trip‘ due to be released on April 20. Featuring production from Californian Jairus ‘J.Mo’ Mozee; the slow, slightly psychedelic and soulful hip-hop sound that resonates throughout California Cheese Steak demonstrates Wize’s well-constructed rhymes which, along with the tranquil electronic guitar plucks and soothing bass lines, make this track a worthwhile listen! Something to add to your Summer playlist. 

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