Female Cosmetics | The Deception of The Decade?

Blog LogoTHIS generation is very caught up in keeping up appearances and it’s beginning to become a bit excessive; especially when it comes to us females. No doubt women have this weight on their shoulders that makes them feel as though they can’t leave their house without “putting their face on”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best but make-up is supposed to enhance your features, not transform you into a different person.

Make-up has become the epitome of self-confidence; without it most women become insecure and acquire a low self-esteem. I’m not saying that people should stop wearing it completely but the way that it’s being used is very deceptive. Not only do we hide behind make-up, now we’re starting to hide behind butt pads and push-up bras. These may not be as ubiquitous as make-up is but they wouldn’t be sold in shops if no female bought them at all, right?


It would be much easier if some guys did not notice girls based on their appearance however, that is just the world we live in but in all fairness female enhancements are beneficial at times. For instance, make-up is a great mood-lifter; simply putting on a bit of eyeliner or a dash of foundation can make you happier and make you feel so much better about yourself. Not to mention the fact that people seem to treat you better and shower you with compliments when you look your best; and who doesn’t love a bit of flattery?

I predict that in five to ten years’ time women will find a way to make themselves feel good without the reliance of make-up or any form of enhancement. I mean, we found a way to provide for ourselves without relying on men so we can definitely find a way to feel more confident without needing to be complimented by a guy. It’s only a matter of time.

-Kundai [@SymphonicLover]

Photos: styleite.com