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The Coventry music scene keeps growing and getting brighter day by day. 16 year old singer and songwriter, ‘Flayva‘ has come fully equipped to put Coventry right back on the map with his debut mixtape ‘Evolution.’ 

While he has gained commendable popularity within the Coventry area with his brilliant covers of songs by notable artists like Chris Brown and Wale, Flayva really took the time out to let everyone know that he can prepare and creatively produce something of his own. This creativity consistently resonates throughout Evolution and I think that’s one of the main things I picked up on and liked when I first listened to it.

Evolution is a tape you definitely don’t want to be sleeping on. After an insightful introduction, All I’m About opens up the sound of the mixtape and solidifies Flayva’s status as an artist and successfully introduces who Flayva is and what he does best. “All I’m about is the music…”  This theme continues into the second song 2AM which is already one of my personal favorites. “My home is a place to work… this is who I am, it’s 2AM and I’m making music,” he sings on and continues to show his dedication to his music.

As you continue into the 2nd half of the mixtape, Flayva takes a couple of things off his chest on the more personal Never The Same.“It’s never the same when you go back to your old hood…” he raps, highlighting the experience of going back to a place you grew up in which happens to be quite a relatable experience for a number of people. After slowing it down for the ladies on songs like Lucky GuyLust Issues and Tricky Love featuring Cahtel, Flayva picks up the pace again with Kill Pride, a song I also feel honored to have co-produced with such a talented young musician and producer. Spreading a positive message to fellow local artists and anyone trying to work their way up stay nice and work hard… stay nice and kill pride! ” echoes throughout the hook and fully consolidates the message being put across by the 16 year old singer.

To conclude the 13-track project, Flayva successfully slows it down one more time with Intimacy which I know is already a favorite with the ladies! Beautifully composed remixes to Wale’s “Bad” and “La La La” by Naughty Boy follow to close the mixtape.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the mixtape as it showcases Flayva’s progression as an all around artist and producer. It’s a work of art. Coventry definitely has a lot to cater for everyone and this mixtape is one of them. The mixtape is now available for free download here.

Check out Flayva’s website for more information.

Vaughan [@ShakaVaughan]