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Cranium Wear is a luxury street-wear lifestyle brand.  Born out of necessity, Cranium is here to fill a void in the fashion industry, a void left by the thousands of maverick brands after a quick buck.

At the moment, Cranium Wear is one of the most recognized urban clothing brand around the West Midlands. You’ll remember a few weeks back, I sat down with the current store managers of the Cranium store and I’m hoping you saw how much work has been put into developing the store and the brand itself. Cranium Wear has definitely evolved a lot in its year of running so far and it’s a great thing to look upon.

Now, they need your support! The management team at Cranium Wear have launched a KickStarter appeal to help with funds that will go towards new and technologically advanced equipment so they can produce the highest quality and most innovative garments in the world.  Equipment ranges from sewing machines,embroidery machines,  sublimation printer, a heat press, embossing machine, laser etching machine.  These machines will essentially help them keep ahead of the competition and also offer garment manufacturing services of high quality at a local level.

Don’t forget you can find out more information and back the project by going to KickStarter. Check out the video below:

Photo: Cranium Wear Ltd.

Help an upcoming brand! Not only will you help the community but you will also help introduce a new form of value added manufacturing to the capabilities of the community.

Vaughan [@ShakaVaughan]