Generation Y & Materialism: Versace, Versace!

Blog LogoWe live in a materialistic world. It’s that simple. 

Our societies have become as shallow as a kiddie’s swimming pool and ‘the more we have the better’ is what we’re hard-wired to aim for from an early age.  However harsh my statements seem, it’s the cold hard truth. But part of the blame is due to our genetic makeup. Humans are built for survival, that’s why we are the most powerful creatures on this earth and in our modern day world survival is no longer between the fittest but between the richest.

Most of us have been under the pretences that unnecessary products are the answer to popularity, a successful life, finding love and even to make up for the physical attributes we lack in. Although it is partly true, I think without a personality or self-worth none of those achievements will be true and sincere. Consumer culture is continually bombarding us with the message that materialism will make us happy and most of us fall in to that trap including myself.

Be that as it may, it isn’t only consumer culture. The media plays a big part in this. Music lyrics and videos, product placement in TV shows and films, YouTube and especially commercials. These platforms continue to condition us to think that without the stuff that they’re displaying we’d be losers but that is far from the truth. I believe these messages originally come from us; they didn’t just come from nowhere.

In today’s society, anyone who cannot afford the latest gadgets or doesn’t abide by the fashion ‘rules’ will become outcasts because they don’t fit into the category of ‘normal’. This is one of the ways to spot how deeply materialism has been sewn into our everyday lives. It’d be unrealistic to say that I want society to change for the better like every other person who wants to live in a utopia-like society seeing as this world would never get to that stage but I’m still hopeful for the slightest of change.

Concluding this article by saying that money isn’t everything and that we’d all be better living with simple commodities would be cliché and hypocritical of me to say. However being extremely materialistic is exactly what I’m against. Shunning the purchase of the latest clothes wasn’t the aim of the article. It was to remind people what society forgot; materials are just a part of life, I believe that you must ensure that yourself and your relationship with life is prioritised first in order to live life to the fullest.

Déek [@Avalites]