#LetsTalk | Is Chivalry Dead or Still Alive?

Blog Logo  Well, Yes, it is dead. Good old-fashioned romance no longer exists. There’s a new kind of romance now; the kind that’s conditional and manipulative. I’m not just saying this because I’m a female. There is a lot of pressure on men to be romantic and sweep women off their feet but lately it seems as though both men and women have given up on romance altogether. Men are no longer chivalrous because they simply want to be, now if they even attempt to be romantic, it’s because they want something from a female companion and we all know what that is.

Times have changed; a lot of men don’t hold doors for women anymore, they don’t pull out their chairs neither. Only the elite group of men still convey traditional notions of how to ‘woo’ a lady.

So, whose fault is it? Have women become too wrapped up in being an ‘independent woman’ that they want to open their own doors and pull out their own chairs? Maybe so, but there’s nothing wrong with a female who wants to stand on her own; men are attracted to that.

The source of the problem, in my view, is technology. Nowadays, men and women don’t need to go out to meet each other, they can just follow each other on Twitter or create a friendship on Facebook. No wonder chivalry is rare these days; there’s only a minority of men who still know how to communicate with women properly, a feeble SMS just doesn’t cut it. More so, I think a female’s standards of romance has declined. A simple text message containing numerous ‘kisses’ is considered a token of admiration. 

Men don’t really have to put in a lot of effort for women to even give them the time of day, they just need to know the right things to say. What happened to getting flowers and chocolates? I know it’s all very cliché but not a lot of people even go on dates anymore.

Eventually men are going to get away with putting in bare minimum and receiving what they ultimately want regardless. The only way to end this inevitable extinction of chivalry is to go back to basics. Nevertheless, it is the 21st century and what’s stopping us women from being chivalrous for a change? Just a thought.

Kundai [@SymphonicLover]