The Alter-Ego Complex | What Is The Real Point?

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  AS we wear our best clothes to a job interview; artists, actors and models change their names to commence a successful career. Judging by the amount of famous people that change their name it’d be easy to assume that having an alter-ego is just one of the many ingredients to concoct an elixir of fame and recognition. This marvel has been occurring since the dawn of show business and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so this topic is not as alien to us as you’d might think.

  With every stage name comes a new persona that is harnessed by the performer. Idol to many, Beyoncé goes by the name of ‘Sasha Fierce‘ when she is on stage, where her character completely changes to the powerful force of nature which we are all familiar with.

  Calvin Broadus is great example of how alter-egos can shift throughout one person’s career. You may recognise him by his more established title Snoop Dogg, a worldwide rapper. Yet recently, Snoop changed his whole style of music and to match with this new upgrade came with a matching name, ‘Snoop Lion;’ the reggae styled performer. This comes to show that you can’t have just any name if you want to pack the biggest punches in the media industry.

Names such as Lady Gaga, Freddy Mercury and of course 50 Cent are names which can be spotted by the average person as stage names and not actual birth names but what most people don’t know is that even the most normal celebrity name could be a complete deviation from the name given by their parents

Despite all the deceit it does seem to make sense, would Jay Z be as famous and respected as he is as a hip hop/rap artist if he went by the name of Shawn Carter? Would Marilyn Monroe be as much of an icon if she stood by her name, Norma Mortenson? I guess without these names they probably would have not been able to separate themselves from the rest to become distinct. That’s the real point.

Déek [@Avalites]