The Kilt Phenomenon: Yay or Nay?

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  If there’s anything that brings people together or rather sets them apart, it’s new fashion trends. The one that seems to be very popular lately is the kilt trend and as others like to call them, skirts. Celebrities such as Kanye, A$AP Rocky and Theophilus London have been seen wearing kilts on stage and in music videos and undoubtedly, have influenced a lot of people into adding this item into their closet. Men wearing ‘skirts’ isn’t unusual or unfamiliar; in 1984 designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier sent their models down the runway in kilts. In the world of fashion, it was an invention that was of great significance. It was said to have been the ‘best thing to happen to fashion in 20 years’ – though some people may not agree.

A lot of people think that the kilt trend is not for everyone; while some people look good, others just look as though they are trying too hard. From a female’s point of view, men wearing kilts is absolutely acceptable but to men, it’s just a bit ‘feminine.’ Ironically, a majority of men who wear kilts are straight and proud.

Rough Copy member Sterling Ramsey (Far Right) wearing a kilt on X-Factor. Photograph: Jonathan Hordle/REX/Thames

  Even though there will be some objections to this fashion trend, it appears as though its popularity among the urban culture will continue to rise; particularly in black culture. An X-Factor favorite Rough Copy have become accustom to wearing kilts and granted others may not agree, for me it’s a look that definitely works in their favor. What do you think?

Kundai [@SymphonicLover]