Vaughan’s Picks | Moneaux @MoneTCX: ‘Dam (Interlude)

Blog LogoSo, there you are, wondering who in the world Moneaux [Mon-oh] could be. Well, here I am to let you catch up on that. Moneaux is a 20 year old rapper who is a part of TCXIndigo, a London based collective comprising of hugely talented singers, songwriters, rappers as well as producers. Focusing on ‘wordplay, double-meanings and unique concepts,’ he fully reflects these elements in his music which, in my opinion substantially separates his rhymes from what I usually hear from upcoming MCs.

  ‘Dam (Interlude) serves as the 7th track on his EP ‘Decode,’ although the EP is not out there for the entire world just YET, his soundcloud page offers a sneak peek so I had a look around. What I found particularly memorable on ‘Dam‘ is a line where he raps Living dreams, living dreams, balling with the team I axe like a lumberjack, going through trees.‘ Thank God for Rap Genius though. I don’t think I would have understood the distinctiveness of that line. I think this is one those lines where only the rapper himself understands what he’s talking about or what point he’s trying to put across; well, unless you are deep in the ‘zone.’ Check out the full meaning of that line here. Very creative if you ask me.

Moneaux definitely has potential and what I like about this guy is that he stays relevant to the theme he’s addressing in his songs. I think this plays an important role in developing any MC’s lyrical and rhyming skills. Don’t forget to have a little peek on Moneaux’s soundcloud. It’s definitely worth it.

-Vaughan [@ShakaVaughan]