READ THIS: “Black Twitter”

  Everyone is very familiar with ‘black twitter’ and its shenanigans; from the brutal banter to the endless ‘corn’. At times it’s all fun and games although I must say in most cases, the people of black twitter take things a bit too far.

For instance, a lot of the banter is borderline racist. Yes, it may be amusing for some to mock Somalians about their over-sized craniums however jokes such as “Somalians only eat dreams” are downright insensitive. As light-hearted as these witticisms may seem, mocking the poverty that some Somalians are faced with is not something to laugh about.

Furthermore, you would think that as a collective black twitter would stick together and be more harmonious, unfortunately not. Despite the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the civil rights of black people and fought against segregation, it appears as though segregation has occurred within the ethnicity of black people. You’ll see tweets from black twitter such as “Team Lightskin, Nigerians over Ghanaians;” the list goes on.

Arguably, black people are an insecure race; constantly trying to prove ourselves to each other and always try to have some kind of upper hand over other blacks. Yet you’ll see black people getting aggravated about other races thinking that they are superior. Now, I am not in any way condoning racism but, what is expected when other races witness black people making these racist remarks towards each other? They are bound to imitate such behaviour and be as ignorant as we are sometimes. You may argue that if you’re in the same race then racial mocking is not considered racist, but it’s that type of ignorance that allows racism to still be present in this day and age. As cliché as it may be, actions do speak louder than words.


  Though don’t get me wrong, putting aside all the negatives, black twitter isn’t all bad. There are some genuinely funny people whose tweets never fail to make you lose your composure though. The follow-up to this is usually endless ‘LOLs,’ or just some random letters ‘swhdfvdudvdiosd’ when utterly short of words. When it comes to worldwide matters you’ll find that black twitter can be very intelligent and discuss problems in a very refined manner. We possess a much more poised attitude and we are very respectful towards other people’s opinions. That’s when you start to see a more harmonious and pleasant side; but there is still room for improvement.

Kundai [@SymphonicLover]