Three Rappers Who Must Step Their Game Up On Their Next Album

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Sometimes in a ballgame, you just can’t get it done. The San Antonio Spurs were just so close to pulling an upset over a previously forgone conclusion that the Miami Heat would win a second consecutive championship.  The same could be said about the underdog Michigan Wolverines, who were electrifying from behind the arc to put plenty of pressure on eventual national champions the Louisville Cardinals (82-76). But this isn’t about a sports game.  This is about the rap game, who have some MC’s that need to step their game up on upcoming albums.  The three chosen are ‘behind’ and need to at least ‘tie the game’ if you will.



Objectionable album: Hotel California

(April 09, 2013)

My Review Verdict at the time:  ✰✰✰

tyga-snapbackHere’s the thing.  Careless World: Rise of the Last King(2012) was a decent album. It spawned some hits (albeit some extremely brash) that…

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